Hi! my name is Christy Annatiur, I am an Indonesian student that is currently pursuing education in Michigan State University. I am majoring in Experience Architecture and minoring in Graphic Design.

I was born and raised in Indonesia, I moved to Singapore when I was 15 to pursue secondary school education there. Two years later, I moved to Lansing, Michigan. I enrolled in Lansing Community College where I earned Associate Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. After that, I transferred to Michigan State University which is where I am enrolled now.

I have a lot of interests. Most of them are related to art and technology. This is why i think that majoring in Experience Architecture is perfect for me. I am very passionate about everything that I do. Growing up, I was never sure about what I want to do in life. I just always want to do everything and anything. Now, I know that what I want to do is to create and make people feel happy through my creations.